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Thread: 2010 Bighorn 3055RL Door side slam baggage door disbonding

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    2010 Bighorn 3055RL Door side slam baggage door disbonding

    I bought my 2010 3055RL Bighorn in July 2009. I brought it back from Michigan and stored it for the winter. I recently discovered that the large slam baggage (basement) door is disbonding. The outer skin is coming loose from the foam core at the upper edge. On further inspection, I discovered that the two hinges for the door were installed about 1/8" too high, and when the door is opened, the upper edge of the outer door skin contacts the upper door frame. It has caused the outer metal skin to start to pull loose from the foam core of the door.
    Has anyone else experienced this or something similar? And if so what was the solution?
    If anyone knows about this problem, please contact me.

    Sam Owen
    Everett, Wa.

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    Re: 2010 Bighorn 3055RL Door side slam baggage door disbonding

    Oh yes this has been a problem, take it back to dealer for replacement. Problem is well known by factory and dealers
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    Re: 2010 Bighorn 3055RL Door side slam baggage door disbonding

    It has been a problem for many 2010 unit, Mor-ryde has began welding the doors.

    Here is a long thread about the problem.

    Call Heartland service and or your dealer and get the ball rolling on your warranty.
    Alan, Sandy, and 2 Corgis, Molly and Baxter

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