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Thread: "Backin up" Signals........PLEASE HELP MY BLOOD PRESSURE!!!!!

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    Past North Carolina Chapter Leader lduguay's Avatar
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    "Backin up" Signals........PLEASE HELP MY BLOOD PRESSURE!!!!!

    We have been out 2x's in our new fiver. Each an "experience" all its own!!

    I've read lots of post on backing up......"hold the wheel at bottom...", "use mirrors", "survey the site", "arrive while still light outside".....etc.........All GREAT suggestions!! My BP issue is this one....."have someone behind you....use radio".

    The first time out we were delayed in traffic, arrived after dark (not one of the suggestions).....Sooooo, like good newbies, I have my DearW behind the fiver, after explaining where we need to be is what she says over radio...."OK, now come THIS way".......not a lot of help IN THE DARK!!!!

    TODAY we are taking the camper to a BIG parking lot to PRACTICE with the are my questions:

    WHAT verbal signals do you use?

    If pulling past your site, (site on drivers side), where do you position truck prior to backing up...right/left/center of road? Different tips for site on passenger side?

    I really HAVE to get this figured out before the NC Rally next weekend......Terry (NC Chapter leader) said something about rally members having "Olympic Score Cards" for arriving campers!!!! Gotta LOVE THAT!!!!

    Lance & Kem Duguay
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    I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.

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    Re: "Backin up" Signals........PLEASE HELP MY BLOOD PRESSURE!!!!!

    We have had a number of posts on this subject. You might try to do a search on backing. However here is a post I made to a thread Backing your trailer. Read the entire thread to get various opinions.

    Each of us have to find a way that is comfortable for us. Be careful about standing behind the trailer, you might have to order a new bride if you squash her.

    Travel safe & may God bless
    Bob Curry & Trevor
    2016 F350 CC SRW LB 4WD
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    Re: "Backin up" Signals........PLEASE HELP MY BLOOD PRESSURE!!!!!

    My easiest and best way. I have a walk into site with Gail or whoever is with me. ( I have also asked another camper to help also when I'm by myself) I survey site as to where I want the back corner of trailer (drivers side). I have gail or whomever stand there. I tell them don't move until corner or trailer hits you( not really move at last minute).
    I then manover trailer to that location. No signalling me or nothing. at night I use a flashlight laying on ground at the corner as above. no hassles, fights or arguments. been doing this for 30+ yrs. when in position I then get out and adjust myself it site if needed. I use this method regardless of which way I back in. Some cases it's an" X "at spot and she watchs back of trailer untill I get it on the site then she goes to stand at the X. Passengers side back-in, I have moved my mirror a bit to see tires of trailer for backing .
    last thing you need is an argument about way to park or not listening to me, when you first hit the cg's.
    Northtrail 31QBS #0648
    Calgary, alta, Canada
    2000 silverado ext cab.
    Irvin Fike

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    Re: "Backin up" Signals........PLEASE HELP MY BLOOD PRESSURE!!!!!

    Ha Ha, this is the true test of your relationship!! We went through the same "process" & "compromised" (didn't hear that in the old wedding vows, did ya?).

    If DW faces the rear of the rig and you're sitting in the driver's seat facing front, then her left is your left! Ground guide talks, driver listens. Try to have her stay in your mirror; if she can't see your face, then you can't see her! It's definitely a team effort.

    As far as the actual mechanics of backing, I have the ground guide stand near the spot where I want my trailer tires to pivot; this helps with the aiming process especially on the passenger's side.

    When checking your site before backing, remember to look up for any overhead obstacles or hanging branches; they wreak havoc on a rubber roof.

    Good idea on the parking lot 'cause these Heartland Owners are rough (but good natured) when it comes to parking & setting up your site!!
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    Senior Member rebootsemi's Avatar
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    Re: "Backin up" Signals........PLEASE HELP MY BLOOD PRESSURE!!!!!

    I drove over the road for years and got real practiced at backing big rigs so when we got the 5'er it was no problem. I used to say I could always tell when a tractor had power steering as the front of the rig was all over the place.
    Drive up to the site, get yourself out of the truck and walk and look where you want to end up and always make sure you LOOK UP. Next most important is the setup, 2nd most important is to keep your eyes moving, meaning keep checking both side mirrors and what is going on around you "DO NOT JUST STARE AT ONE SPOT" because you will hit something with the trunk.
    Go to a big parking lot that has lines in it and just practice, practice, practice. Practice from both sides, one thing I learned early in my trucking life was that "IF YOU ARE NOT SURE GET OUT AND GO LOOK"
    It's only backing not a IRS audit.
    Lee & Judy
    Eastern Oregon
    2011 Sundance
    2007 Ram 2500
    Cummin's 6.7 & Auto 6 spd

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    Re: "Backin up" Signals........PLEASE HELP MY BLOOD PRESSURE!!!!!

    I was taught how to back our trailer by a good friend, who showed me how to get it backed in, usually in one are some of the main things he taught me...

    1 - back from driver's side whenever possible
    2 - position your rig somewhere between the middle of the road and the side that the site is on...leave the other side of the road for swing room of your truck
    3 - pull forward enough to have your truck straight with your trailer
    4 - back straight toward the site watching your trailer wheels, NOT the end of the trailer
    5 - aim the rear tire of the trailer for the edge of the parking spot on your side, and approximately 4 feet before it reaches that point, start to cut the tail of the trailer toward your side. This will begin the process of pivoting the trailer into the site.
    6 - Do not oversteer...when the trailer wheels have half-way cleared the pivot start point, bring the wheel back and start to chase the trailer into the site. Do not be afraid to pull forward and straighten up to the trailer as many times as necessary.
    7 - Remember, small corrections...they are easier to adjust then large over corrections.
    8 - For the passenger's side entry - everything is the same, but your spotter should be able to understand the above and instruct you when you reach these points...OR, what I like to do...adjust my passenger mirror downward so I can see the tires on that side, and have the spotter watch the driver's side and the rear of the rig.
    9 - As for verbal instructions...we seldom use them as we never park at night...but if we did, try "tail toward driver's side" or "tail toward passenger side"...meaning the tail of the trailer, which tells you which way you need to turn the wheel.

    Hope this helps...Kathy
    Ken & Kathy - H.O.C. #1077
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    Director of Owners Interests, Heartland RVs
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    Re: "Backin up" Signals........PLEASE HELP MY BLOOD PRESSURE!!!!!


    While I have no great ideas for you, I had to tell you your thread made me smile. My wife is smart as a whip but helping me into a site is not her strong suit. Radios, hand signals - nothing really works. So I favor pull-throughs and when I can't get one, I walk the site before backing into it.

    When I need Nancy to help me, I have her focus on one thing only, "don't let me back over anything". By not worrying about side to side or how straight I am, just not letting me go too far back or hit anything in back (trees, power peds, walls etc.), it works better. The one piece of advice I remind Nancy of is "if you can't see my face in the truck mirrors, I can't see you either". So when she is gone from view, I simply stop. She figures it out after a bit and relocates.

    Now with the new RV, I have the factory backup camera and it also has sound. We've yet to have a back-in site on our new full-timing adventure, but I'm sure it will come in handy soon enough.

    If Pete F is coming to the NC rally, he will thank you for taking over as "the judged one" It's all in fun. See you in NC.


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    Re: "Backin up" Signals........PLEASE HELP MY BLOOD PRESSURE!!!!!

    Here is all you have to do:

    1. Drive up to your site, park in the middle of the road just past your site.
    2. Grab two, ice-cold adult beverages from the fridge.
    3. Go back to the truck, stand next to it and say to the "judges": "I know that all of you never had any problems backing in you first time. I have a beer for me and one for the best backer in person here, so step up and get er done!!."

    The other thing you can do is show up at 0 dark 30 and set up. Folks should be in bed, but not for long!
    Rick and Debbie Galant and Ted E. Bear
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    Prolifically Gabby Member JohnDar's Avatar
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    Re: "Backin up" Signals........PLEASE HELP MY BLOOD PRESSURE!!!!!

    Although we use radios, I have the wife stand at the rear of the rig, off to the side, and use arm signals. Point in the direction the end of the trailer needs to go. Or wave me straight back. Our seasonal site forces me to back in on the passenger side, so I survey the spot, tell her where I want to be and have at it. Usually doesn't result in a Maalox moment.

    As a precaution, if you run into backing into a site in the dark, get a flashlight or two with the plastic wands on them, like you see at the airport. Or a couple of Star Wars light sabres.

    As a drivers training instructor for the FD, I teach the kiddies how to back up a large vehicle using full arm motions. I've been known to stop the truck, get out and dress down FF's for just pointing with a finger. Or I point at them with one of mine.
    Camp Gotchurwallett
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    Re: "Backin up" Signals........PLEASE HELP MY BLOOD PRESSURE!!!!!

    I have to say when Kenny is backing up if I stand where he can see me then I can't see the right side of the trailer. We use our cell phones to talk or yell which ever!! I have to keep and eye on the right side cause there is a telephone pole there which we have almost hit with the cap so I do watch it. My thing is why does he need to see me when I am talking to him all the time. He can see the house it's the right side we can't see. We always get it done some times it's easy and sometimes it's hard but in 5 years we have never hit any thing so I guess we are doing good.
    Kathy & Ken
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