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Thread: Do You feel safe in your fifth wheel?

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    Do You feel safe in your fifth wheel?

    Let me first paint the picture. My wife and I purchased our Landmark Golden Gate in Nov '04. This was for our full-timing life. One feature I really liked was the "security" of having as it said in the brochure "All Exterior Doors Keyed for Landmark Only", I knew how just about every other RV had the cargo doors keyed alike.

    Last week we traded it and the BIG Ford (I'm going to miss that! The new smell isn't even gone yet.) in for a '08 Damon Astoria Pacific. Don't get me wrong, we enjoyed the 5'er, it's just due to my disability, a MH seems to be the best choice. What brought me to this post was, after getting the keys to the MH, I saw a key that looked very familiar. The key for the fuel fill door, opened EVERY lock on the Landmark, with the exception of the dead bolt. There was another '05 Landmark in for repair, and that key also fit all his locks. I guess Heartland thought we were an honest group, that's why they made all the locks keyed alike! I will have to say, they had a newer Landmark in the showroom, and the MH key only opened the cargo doors.

    Just wanted everyone to know!

    Thanks, this is a fantastic forum, I'll miss you all,

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    Funny that you mentioned that. We're waiting for the delivery of our 3005RL, and the first addition will be installing an additional separate and "uniquely" keyed deadbolt lock on the door. They're difficult to find, but the larger RV dealers can install one for you. My wife uses our Doubletree and will use this unit, when we're not travelling, as her residence while she's in Dallas working on a contract basis. We leave the unit at a small "mom and pop" RV site, and she's concerned about coming in and finding everything missing from inside the RV. We had a similar problem a few years ago with a new house that we had purchased. We actually had a worker walk into the house with the doors locked. He "said" he had a work order to replace some plumbing and he had a "System" master key. We changed the locks. Everyone has a 751 key and that fits all of the storage and outer doors, as well. We're changing them, too. Good luck on the new MH. check back on this forum and see what's going on here, as well.

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    751 Key

    Hey that the number on my key for storage. Anyone has change this locking System? I have about $1000.00 worth fihing gear in that storage!

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    I think you will find the lock on the Heartland doors are unique. They are sealed when leaving the factory and the seal is broken only by the dealer when the coach arrives. I feel perfectly secure with that door locked. Windows are another story buyt I still do not worry.

    ALL the compartment doors are keyed the same on most all coaches---anyone can get in most any coach compartment with a single key. If you are concerned about this you can buy new locks from any locksmith for about $15 per lock.
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    I have not changed these yet but on our Fleetwood I changed all the locks to barrel locks (like the pepsi machines used).
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    The 1751 key fits most all RV compartment doors, however the nice thing in our BH 3055 is that there is no way, unless you tear out some lumber, to get from the storage compartment into the coach.

    My Keystone Montana was open to the storage area through the close chute.....I also had a Fleetwood TT that you could crawl through the storage area, up through the dinnette bench and into the coach.
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    You can also buy keyed alike locks at most all larger hardware stores. If they don't have them they will order them for you. Or you can go to Home Depot or Lowes and look through their stock and find some keyed alike. You need to know the lenght of the lock before you go, as they come in several lengths.

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    I changed out the locks on my unit, they need to be 1 1/8" long locks. Most RV places only carry up to 7/8", but the others ar available if you look online.

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    Just put new compartment locks on our 4012 Cyclone. Also matching padlocks for the rear door. They are the barrel type lock. Industrial locks & hardware 661-722-8222. They are great people to work with. Doug

    Admin: Link to Industrial Lock and Hardware

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    I see that Industrial Lock and Hardware are in Lancaster Ca. Can we go up to the door and buy the locks there or are they wholesale only??
    We will be coming through in mid January.
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