This is a true story. I was at work yesterday and I happened to see a truck with a new Reese 18K slider. I walked over to check it out, it had a really nice side to side movement. The owner walked up to me and we talked a little about the hitch. He told me that he needed the 18K for his new toy hauler. I asked him if it was a little over kill. He said no, I need that big of hitch. I asked him what the gross posted weight was and he said 16 1/2K. I guess I had a strange look on my face because he asked why that mattered. I did tell him about Calif. towing laws and the license required for that heavy of coach. But after all this discussion, I just could not get over the fact that the truck was 95 to late 90's Dodge 2500, SB, reg Cab with rear drum brakes. After he left I thought about the video that was posted a while back. The little blue car and the 30' trailer. So if you see a little green Dodge with Idaho plates with a huge toy hauler, Get out of the way. He will never stop it. True story Bob