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Thread: " AWESOME" cleaner is AWESOME.

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    " AWESOME" cleaner is AWESOME.

    My 07 3400 got pretty dirty this winter sitting underneath some hardwood trees. There have been some post about this cleaner before, so I thought I would give you my input. I work one section at a time, like the front cap. You don't want this stuff to dry. I use a pump sprayer and wet down the area good then use a brush on a pole for the areas I can't reach by hand. Try to avoid getting it on windows. After this clean job I did have streaking left over on my windows. I used Windex on the windows and all the streaking was removed. I use a 3600 psi pressure washer, It works good to remove all the excess residue. I was pretty impressed how all my black streaks are gone after about 2 hrs of work. The Bighorn looks as good as the day I bought it.
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