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Thread: 2016 Ford Hurricane Transmission problem

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    2016 Ford Hurricane Transmission problem

    Hi all.......I have a 2016 Ford THOR Hurricane RV that the transmission winds out to 3200rpm to 3800rpm before upshifting. The dealer says at is performing like it is supposed too, but it sounds like the tranny is revving way too high before shifting. I have to slow down and feather the pedal to get it to upshift. I have heard that there is an aftermarket component that attaches to the transmission to alleviate the problem. Googleing the net has not produced any hits as to its name or where i can get one. I was told that there was mention of it in a RV Magazine, but i have yet to find it online.
    Has anyone heard of or read the article? Can you tell me which magazine and which month?
    Thanks !!

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    Re: 2016 Ford Hurricane Transmission problem

    Hello scooterdudetim1.
    This forum is mainly Heartland products. Although Thor has a large group you wont find their motor homes here.
    Perhaps you should check out the Thor Forums and ask your question and voice your concerns.
    Navigate to the Thor Forum by clicking on this link. [LINK]

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