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Thread: 2008-May 5th Wheel Trailer Sales Ranking

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    2008-May 5th Wheel Trailer Sales Ranking

    Hi all,

    Some have asked me to provide some statistics on how Heartland products are selling in this down economy.

    Coley passed the May "5th Wheel" Retail Sales report to me, and below, I will excerpt some data from it. As you will see, Heartland has 3 brands (covering 6 models) in the top 15 (units sold) - an awesome feat in a down economy.

    2008-May - 5th Wheels

    #4 Bighorn/Big Country/Landmark (combined):

    1193 units sold 2008-YTD vs 898 same period 2007 / +32.9% year over year increase

    #9 Sundance:
    641 units sold 2008-YTD vs 297 same period 2007 / +115.8% year over year increase

    #15 Cyclone/Razor (combined):
    497 units sold 2008-YTD vs 270 same period 2007 / +84.1% year over year increase

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    Thanks Jim! Any chance we might find out who's leading the pack? 2nd and 3rd?
    Ray & Lin
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    It is good to see the decent ranking in the industry but even better to see the growth percentages. The company I work for my division is number one in sales but in this economy the number one still has less sales than than past and has required layoffs to stay healthy. Good to see the growth and feel more comfortable Heartland will be able to survive in these tough times.

    Chuck & Deb
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    Hi Ray,

    Here you go:

    1. Montana / Thor / -15%
    2. Cougar / Thor / -3.1%
    3. Eagle / Jayco / +57.9%
    4. Bighorn / Heartland / +32.9%
    5. Wildcat / Forest River / -21%


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    Heartland, considering all its brands is up 59.1% over 2007 for the same period. That's impressive in this economy.

    Saw my first billboard advertising Heartland products on my trip last weekend to/from Kentucky. It was on I-75 in Ohio and it was advertising Jim May in Findlay and showed Bighorn and Cyclone units. Only saw one Heartland on the road, though.
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    Thor is a huge company owning half the brands out there and to step over another giant like Forest River is pretty impressive.

    Hmmmmmm..... Wonder who took that 15% from the Montana
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    I thought Cougar and Montana were made by Keystone?.....................................Boat racer95

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boatracer95 View Post
    I thought Cougar and Montana were made by Keystone?.....................................Boat racer95
    Thor Ind. bought Keystone in in 2001 , also bought Dutchmen, Four Winds , Komfort , Damon , Mandalay, Crossroads , Airstream along the way. I'm sure I missed some , one big company ......kenny
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    I thought I posted against this thread but dont see it. I know this is an old thread.

    I believe Thro also bought Keystone (Montana and Cougar) and Airstream about 2-3 years ago.

    The sales only tells a money story. They dont reflect quality. Here is a link that will but Im not sure Heartland is in it yet. I have not seen the CD but did view the book when we bought our SunnyBrook in 2001.

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    Is That Accurate Statistics???

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