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Thread: "Sensitive" topics

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    "Sensitive" topics

    In spending some time reading these forums the last month or so, I've come across the following as being described as "Sensitive" topics:

    1. Providing or selling detailed service schematics to end users
    2. Not overloading the "Ask the Factory" areas, as the reps are busy dealing with running the factory
    3. Providing accurate rig weight information
    4. Providing higher quality tires with higher ratings as "standard" equipment.

    Not having read every thread in every area, I would bet there are others.

    Now I am just a junior member here and I don't own a Heartland product (yet), and maybe I'm missing something in the terms and conditions when I signed up. That said, isn't this the Heartland Owners Forum? If so and from that perspective, I fail to see how any of these issues are sensitive in any way. To me, it would seem that Heartland Owners would want to know about these issues in a clear manner. However, if this forum was the Heartland Dealers Forum, I could see how some of these issues might never see the light of day.

    I would love to know who Heartland sees as their primary customer, the dealers or the end-users?

    These are my opinions on the above topics:

    1. Selling detailed service schematics to end users would be valuable and would help position Heartland to the higher levels of the RV industry and declare openly it's engineering competence and confidence. Will it upset dealers? Not the ones I would do business with.

    2. Not overloading the "Ask the Factory" areas seems fair to ask. Do a forum search in advance. Keep the factory folks dealing with factory issues.

    3. Providing accurate rig weight information would again help position Heartland to the higher levels of the RV industry, a leader.

    4. Providing higher quality tires with higher ratings as "standard" equipment, again, a leadership issue. If it causes higher pricing pressure on the rigs, so be it. For the vast majority of the RV'ing public that is clueless to the critical importance of tire specs and inflation tables, start an educational campaign.
    Sasha J

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    Well said. Good Job.
    Kevin & Celeste
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    Appearances being what they are and perceptions being fact in the minds of most, It appears the factory or company is dodging the big questions:

    1. Chines bombs
    2. the quality of the equipment being built into the trailers,
    Apolo micrwave 1/2 time ovens
    Olevia TV
    3. quality issues like poorly supported holding tanks, one of my grey water tanks fell and rather than deal with HEARTLAND after the fact, I paid for the repair myself. I have read this problem severale times on this forum, so why are they still delivering 5ers with this problem.
    4. Noisy overhead celling fans.

    Please don't missunderstand me I love my BH and have great respect for Heartlan, but these are issues that Heartalnd needs to address openly, rather than behind closed doors. As I said, to those on the outside it appears Heartland would prefer these issues go away and they don't want to openly discuss the problems and what they are doing to correct them.

    If they really want to be a marquee company they need to address these issuess and make things right. Like issue a recall for some of these problems and authorize the dealers to rectify the problems.How many times have you read that some one was replacing thier tires with-in weeks if not day's of taking delivery, rather than take the chance of severe damage resulting from a blow out?
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    I agree!!!!! We have found out about the china bombs through the posts and are concerned about the damage they might cause and possible death to us or someone else. Why is heartland not stepping op and warning the consummer.Or better yet replace the hazzard. Our BH is new we have a 3670 and this weekend we will replace them before going out in sept. Our BH has less than 600 miles on it and already seeing the tires doing strange things. Taking no chances here.
    Kevin & Henny White
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    Wow...guess I'm living on borrowed time my rig is 2 years old. My China bombs haven't exploded yet , Apollo Microwave , Olevia TV and ceiling fan still works. I can't believe I have hauled a full fresh water tank numerous times and the other tanks haven't fell out yet either. I guess I need to start looking for replacements now so I will be ready. Thanks for the heads up....Kenny
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    we have china bombs they call mission tires, a 42" olevia that stretches the picture out and distorts the picture if its not HD, my ceiling fan sounded like it was a dive bomber, and how about the horrible air conditioning problem that should be addressed at the factory so you can feel it in the bedroom without creating the timk "tent in the vent". They should do that at the factory. My rig is in for warranty repairs on the ceiling fan and a/c among 32 issues. Its still the best rig i could find so we will make it work. I got stopped at every campground by someone intrigued enough to want to check out our rig. Must be something special about Bighorns. And where else could u find a Jimbo Beletti, Director of Owner Satisfaction to go for advice and info? Just feed him and he is happy.
    Larry and Debbi Kuhn
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    I tend to lean more toward Ken's way of thinking...we've been living in our Bighorn for thirteen months, the Apollo works fine all my tanks are still intact, the fan just needed some adjustment that we handled. I will say though, I had to replace the tires after only 2,000 miles as they developed bubbles, and low and behold the Olevia TV bit the dust just this past week (remember we use everything on a daily basis)...replaced it with a 32" Insignia from Best Buy. The proprietary, swingout bracket was a bit of a problem, but we just added a slim-line, stationary wall mount bracket to the swing-out and hung the TV on it...worked great!

    By the way they have addressed some of these issues....they no longer use Olevia TVs and if you take notice, haven't heard of anyones tank falling in a long time...they obviously addressed that issue too. As for the others...well sometimes you just need to take care of something's yourself, i.e., fan adjustments, etc. As for the tires, I've heard that some people have been able to order different tires thru their dealer.

    The bottom line...Heartland is there when you need them...try getting help from some of the other manufacturers. I have, and it ain't easy!!
    Ken & Kathy - H.O.C. #1077
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    sasha_j Great points, and I agree. I have always tried to tell it like it is in my opinion. I know some disagree and some will agree. Most all Rv's are made in one area of the Country. And most workers are living in and around the factory's. As for the Tv's, Micro waves, A/C, fans so on and on are supplyed by the same suppliers. Some spend a little more money and get a step higher. I think the QC could be a lot better and I think with the RV industry on the down side there will be some good changes in the future. Also there will be some good RV company's go out of business and the sad. As for as weights, you will just have to get the Rv on a Cat scale to get the correct weight. Most people want to stay within their capactity. And I have been over or at the max in most 5th wheels we have owned. And in our case the weight was because we just hauled to much stuff that we didn't need. Our weight with our Chevy 1 ton DRW with the 2009 Landmark with no water and without the things we would need to travel a month or two at a time the weight was the day we pulled the Landmark off the lot was 22,160 and the Truck weight is 8,160 by per Cat scale. Then with the Chevy Kodiak with a Chariot Van upfit out Truck weight was 10,900 lbs so if you add a 5th wheel that weight is 16,500, there is that number again (26,000) again well you can do the math. Good Luck on which direction you take. GBY...
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    Delaine and Lindy...regardless of what you think we are not "sheep", and we do NOT think with one brain. If you had a post removed, it was most likely not WHAT you said but HOW you said it.

    There are probably very few owners on here that have had a more serious problem with their rig than us...which I feel gives us the objectivity to talk about not only the bad but the good, which as a matter of fact, FAR outweighs the bad. The difference is we don't dwell on things that have been taken care of by the manufacturer, and we give them the opportunity to make things right. Giving constructive feedback and information is never a problem on this serves to help other owners and those who want to become owners. Beating a dead horse, especially over minor things, serves no purpose and is of no benefit to anyone.

    As some of us have stated above, Heartland listens intently to their customers and makes changes and adjustments in their production as needed. There is no subject concerning their product that cannot be discussed, expect purchase price (for good reason), as long as it is handled tactfully and without malice...just my 2 cents!
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    Ken & Kathy - H.O.C. #1077
    '17 GMC 3500HD Denali 4WD DRW Long Bed w/Nav, Sunroof, Curt 24Q, WIFI, Sprayed liner, Deep Ruby Metallic!
    '2013 Landmark Key Largo, Fullbody Paint and virtually every option PLUS Mor Ryde IS and Disc Brakes - Our Dream Coach!!

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    For the record I don't remember having a post removed on the Heartland Forum. I did have a person tell me I didn't see the Big Picture. That was his opinion. I have had post removed on other Forums, because I got to political, their opinion and its their forum.

    Also we didn't have any problems with Heartland, just didn't like the enclosed Bath Room so we made a change. We had a problem with the Jensen Tv which others have had and it was fixed. We will not bash Heartland. We also had two Keystone products and only had 3 issues with two 5th wheels those being a Everest 343L and a Cambridge 358 and between the two we were full timing and they were pull over 45,000 total miles between the two.

    The Dealership we used was a mistake on our part. Kontry Mile Kampers of Decatur Ala. The owner wouldn't return our calls or e-mails. We don't recomend that dealership.

    I am sorry if I offended anyone that was not what I intended to do. I will remove most of the post. I like this forum and KaKampers I read all your post and respect opinion. GBY...

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