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Thread: 2008-August 5th Wheel Trailer Sales Ranking

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    Director of Owners Interests, Heartland RVs
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    2008-August 5th Wheel Trailer Sales Ranking

    Hi all,

    The August statistics* are out.

    For 5th Wheel Manufacturers (All Models Combined) - Heartland remains #3.

    Below are some statistics broken down by Heartland brand:

    2008-August - 5th Wheels Models

    #4 Bighorn/Big Country/Landmark (combined):
    1978 units sold 2008-YTD vs 1539 same period 2007 / +28.5% year over year increase

    #9 Sundance:
    1,092 units sold 2008-YTD vs 613 same period 2007 / +78.1% year over year increase

    #14 Cyclone/Razor (combined):
    820 units sold 2008-YTD vs 609 same period 2007 / +34.6% year over year increase

    Top 5th Wheel "Models":

    # Model (Brand) YTD % Chg
    1. Montana (Thor) -17.3%
    2. Cougar (Thor) -1.1%
    3. Eagle (Jayco) +52.2%
    4. Bighorn** (Heartland)/ +28.5%
    5. Wildcat (Forest River) -19.7%

    * All statistics listed here are based on retail registrations for YTD through the month being reported
    **Bighorn figures include Landmark/Bighorn/Big Country

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    Founding Canadian Region Director - Retired wfwilson's Avatar
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    What else can you say but WOW FANTASTIC!!!
    Wayne F. Wilson & Gayle D. Wilson-Zimmerman, Former Heartland Owners Club # 1010

    Heidi our grand-dog!
    Amherstburg ON
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    Senior Member jonesj2's Avatar
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    Jim is there a way to post the top 10, 15 or 20 models? I would like to compare what Sundance to what my friends have.
    Jim, Susie and Tyler
    2009 Sundance 2900 MK
    2004 GMC 2500

    Liberty, NC

    USAF Retired

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    Director of Owners Interests, Heartland RVs
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    Hi Jim,

    Not sure how far I can go and be in compliance with our agreement with Statistical Surveys, Inc. in terms of reprinting data.

    Safer yet, PM or email me the brand/model and I will reply.



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    Founding VA Chap Ldr (Ret) boatto5er's Avatar
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    I personally can see why Heartland is doing so well. We must have looked at over a hundred RV's (including dozen's of 5th wheels at several dealers) before we decided on the Sundance. As newbies to the camping/RV world (my screen name describes what we were doing previously), we were looking for an little beyond entry level to get a taste of this new environment. Now, after several trips, we're absolutely hooked and the Sundance has exceeded our expectations. The price was right, the interior and exterior appoinments were nice, and the overall value was obvious. Guess I'm just a little biased. By the way - the wife is already lusting after a longer, roomier, more luxurious BigHorn or Landmark (which of course would necessitate a much bigger Tow Vehicle).

    Gus and Debra Funderburg (Founding Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina Chapter Leaders - Retired)
    Romeo and Juliet (the mischievous Dachshunds)
    2011 Landmark Grand Canyon (Code name - The Landmark Diner)
    HOC #1054
    2019 Ford F-350 DRW Crew Cab, 6.7L PowerStroke (The Gray Ghost)

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    That is great news, but not surprising. Our '06 Bighorn will three years old next week and we still love it like the day we got it. There is nothing about it I would change. Heartland still makes the best rig on the road.

    Heartland Owners #1023
    2006 Bighorn 3500RL
    MotoSAT G-74 DataStorm w/Bird on a WIre
    2006 Dodge Ram 3500 Dualy
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    Original Owners Club Member jmgratz's Avatar
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    Hey get the bigger truck quick while she is in the mood. LOL
    Jim & Sheila Gratz - owners club #1018 Workamping as Sales Associate with SE Publications Certified RV Walk-through Technician [/I] 2013 Landmark San Antonio - full body paint - Fulltimer pkg, Yetti pkg etc., Mor-Ryde IS with never lube bearings and disc brakes. --previous 5er - 2007 "Classic" Landmark "Golden Gate" Replaced 9/20/13 2012 Ford F350 King Ranch Crew Cab fx4 dually, 6.7 L Husky Trailer Saver TS2 hitch "visit TEXAS - it's like a whole 'nuther country" Rally Site 414

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    Founding Wisconsin Chapter Leader-Retired
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    USA - WI

    Thanks for the info, Jim. I do not understand how Montana can remain on the top. Is it related to the fact that the Montana has been around longer and may have more dealers? At least Heartland should a bigger % of growth. Are the Eagle and Cougar in the same class as the BH, BC, and LM?
    TOM W
    Heartland Owner's Club # 1011
    Bighorn 2014 3875FB
    Bighorn 2006 3600RL
    2014 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4
    2005 Dodge Ram 3500 4x2

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    Director of Owners Interests, Heartland RVs
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    Oct 2004
    USA - TX


    You called it. Thor's Montana has been around several years longer than Heartland. It is a huge brand with a huge following. I don't see us taking over their spot anytime soon but a boy can dream!

    In terms of the Cougar and Eagle - I do not know how they stack up - sorry.


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    I owned a Cougar a couple years ago, one of my RV buddies recently purchased a new Jayco Eagle. In my opinion the Eagle is a step above the Cougar. Jayco makes very nice 5vers, Not as nice as Heartlands 5vers but very nice and the company has a reputation for standing behind it product. The Jayco would be my second choice, after Heartland. I truly believe when it is all over Heartland and Jayco will be among the survivors.
    Rogue River, Or.
    Senior Member #1066
    2009 BH 3400RL
    2008 Chevy 3500 DRW
    Duramaxw/ Allison

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