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Thread: Lithium plumbing

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    Re: Lithium plumbing

    Quote Originally Posted by Navarone1971 View Post
    Hi all! We picked up our Lithium 2414 a little over a week ago and have now been camping for a few days. This is our second toy hauler and we were very surprised to see the black tank full after only a day and a half. After a little investigation, it appears we have the same plumbing issue. We've already spoken with the service depth. about a separate issue, the ramp door bars, and will be taking it in for service next week. Please give an update on how they solved your plumbing issue. Otherwise, it's a great camper!

    Bummer! I agree, it's been a great trailer so far, aside from the black tank. I don't use my shower much, so the gray tank isn't getting much use with this configuration.

    I really think the dealer and Heartland need to hash this out, since they created and sold such an oddball design without disclosing it. As a buyer, the assumption is that the trailer plumbing is designed to a common standard. This is far from standard. So much so, that the dealer AND Heartland's online service rep were surprised when I pointed it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danemayer View Post
    This diagram is from an RVIA manual. RVIA shows that it's ok to drain gray water into a black tank. The reverse would not be ok.

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the info. I would not have said a word if the lavatory sink drained into my black tank - no problem there, and I think that's pretty common. Kitchen sink draining into the black, not so much.

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    Re: Lithium plumbing

    Quote Originally Posted by BigJim45 View Post
    Don't wait for the dealer to get an answer. Call Heartland yourself and find out if the dealer did in fact contact Heartland about your problem.
    Good advice, everything is tracked in their system by VIN so they can tell you real quick if the dealer has contacted them. We had a missing screen after we took delivery, called dealer, took measurements and pictures, followed up, dealer said it was “in the mail”, 2 weeks of that and I called HL direct, there had been no contact from the dealer, I asked HL if I could send them the info, did that while we were on the phone, they sent it right out and I had it in 3 days. Had a paint issue, straight to HL again, taken care of with a few photos and emails.

    I imagine re-plumbing a trailer is a big undertaking, I wouldn’t be surprised if it had to be taken back to the factory service center.
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