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Thread: Step by step winterization for 09 3055RL

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    Step by step winterization for 09 3055RL

    Am I missing a "step by step" for winterizing my FW?

    The manual is so general that I was hoping that I might find something akin to what one would find with a vehicle, boat or anything of the cost of this Bighorn?

    My ultralite (previous FW) had a "step by step" for that unit as opposed to this RV. "Some units have low point drains - some don't." "You can winterize your FW this way or that way or a combination of the 2."

    I would prefer printing a checklist particular to my BH and checking the items off as I do them. Hopefully it is here somewhere.

    I want to ponder using this puppy NOT which/what procedure to use when winterizing.

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    Amen. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to do, fearing all the time that I missed a critical step which would result in ruptured lines buried in the walls or an exploded water heater coil.
    I found the low point drain to the right of the steps, realized the tubing in the control valve center could be dropped into a jug of antifreeze, etc. I will need to again puzzle this winter (coming very soon) and this time I am writing a step by step check list so it is automatic in 2010. If you find a check list, let me know. Everything is top secret, they should run the CIA, not an RV manufacturing company. Actually,I think they make it confusing so you have to go to the dealer and have them sock it to you to do what is a simple process. It is not rocket science, yet they make it as confusing as possible, especially for first times like me.

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    How difficult can it be?

    This morning I have to take everything out of the basement and remove the panel behind the UDC to see if there is a water filter in there.

    If/when I come up with my own "step by step" I will send it on. I will laminate this and stick it to the door of the basement.

    The first Bighorn that I saw was in a resort in Florida. I asked the owner about it and he had high praises except for this kind of stuff. He took that panel off and left it off because he said "I have to get back there when I winterize and de-winterize."

    My selling dealer in FL said he did not know because he never winterized only winterized. I called a New England dealer and he said that the 3055 could have a water filter there or under the sink.

    We really like the unit but this kind of crap is an irritant.

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    There is no water filter. I cut a door in my wall so I can open it and winterize.
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    I am not a rocket scientist, although I play one on TV. It is really very easy, just don't be intimidated by it. Be sure to open a hot water faucet or trip the pressure relief valve on the water heater to release the pressure in the water heater tank. Then in the UDC, turn the water heater valve to bypass, turn the other valve to winterize, stick the hose in a jug of RV antifreeze, turn on your pump and open each faucet, hot and cold, one at a time untill the pink antifreeze runs out. This includes flushing the toilet, the outside shower, laundry, bath sink, shower and kitchen sink. Remove the anode rod from the water heater to drain it. A good time to flush it out as well as inspect the anode rod. Blow some compressed air into the black tank flush inlet to be certain that there is no water left in there. Then be sure to pour some antifreeze down each drain to protect the P-trap. I use about four gallons of RV antifreeze. I dont skimp, it's cheap enough but others use less. Good Luck.

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    thank you

    Thank you to all. I have opened the back of the UDC and there is no water filter which I guess everyone knows except the 2 BH dealers that I talked to.

    On my first trip with my last FW I winterized (using the blow out and anti-freeze method) as Forest River instructed and while heading south for the winter I de-winterized near Richmond. I did all that they said and when I turned on the city water and discovered that the filter housing (although full of antifreeze) had broken. That meant using the old bucket. It also meant camping for 3 days without water until Sonny could fit me in.

    So I pay particular attention to water filters and when a dealer doesn't know WHO DOES?

    So now I know and I will type and laminate the information so I can adhere it to the basement door.

    thanks again-happy RVing

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    O.K. I tried to winterize my '09, 3055 today by myself. Everything went "piece of cake" except 1 and 1/2 gallons of my Wal-Mart anti-freeze went right into the hot water heater and out the drain hole.

    I had followed the instructions I thought. The valve handle position for the "water heater bypass valve" should be "up" for by-pass. But the instructions on the placard on the compartment door say opposite!! I had used the instructions on the valve. What's going on? Did anyone else have a problem? I will try again later with help. I will be prepared to block the pipes going to the water heater.

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    Dave, sounds like the check valve on the OUTPUT of the water heater may be bad. our was defective the first time we tried to winterize and the pump pumped out about a gallon before we noticed. It is not too hard to change out the check valve, but it is aggravating to have these issues while winterizing.
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    The only OEM filter in the water system that I know of is the small sediment filter on the water pump. We found it during the PDI because it was loose and leaked onto the basement floor. Thing is only about 2" tall and attached to the pump.
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    Also winterize your City Water Check Valve. Inside your City Water inlet is a one way valve that should be checked in your process.

    After you pump in your antifreeze in your RV, you need to let some of that antifreeze OUT of your city water inlet. With minimal pressure in your water system, remove the little domed screen in your city water inlet. Push the little white plunger in and antifreeze will squirt out. If you have too much pressure in the line, you won't be able to push this plunger in until you relieve the pressure, Also, too much pressure will spray you with antifreeze.

    Failure to get some antifreeze in this check valve might result in you not being able to use your fresh water tanks next year because all your water is spraying out the city water inlet when you use your water pump.

    This valve can also get damaged if you leave your water hose connected while camping and the temperature drops below freezing. Your hose might thaw out, but this valve can get damaged.

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