Could some of you with more experience than those of us who are just now considering buying a Fifth Wheel, please give us an idea of what people should expect to spend living in this manner full time. Also, please describe the lifestyle adjustments, if possible.

The advantages I see are no property taxes, after 30 years, not so much house to take care of and the opportunity to see things and places we would never otherwise see. Do most people keep their homes, or do most sell the majority of their possessions and their homes and scale down their needs? Our home will be paid for within 8 months.

I noticed some posts advising people to rent and try this first, to see if people would like this lifestyle. The dealer here said to forget renting because he felt it was too expensive.

If people liked camping, what would be so different about living in an RV? I am sure there are things I am not even thinking of, since my exposure to this has been very limited.

Thank you,