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Thread: Information please

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    Information please

    Could some of you with more experience than those of us who are just now considering buying a Fifth Wheel, please give us an idea of what people should expect to spend living in this manner full time. Also, please describe the lifestyle adjustments, if possible.

    The advantages I see are no property taxes, after 30 years, not so much house to take care of and the opportunity to see things and places we would never otherwise see. Do most people keep their homes, or do most sell the majority of their possessions and their homes and scale down their needs? Our home will be paid for within 8 months.

    I noticed some posts advising people to rent and try this first, to see if people would like this lifestyle. The dealer here said to forget renting because he felt it was too expensive.

    If people liked camping, what would be so different about living in an RV? I am sure there are things I am not even thinking of, since my exposure to this has been very limited.

    Thank you,

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    Hi Cathie,
    Although I am not a fulltimer I will give you my 2-cents worth. First of all I have known many people to sell all their belongings, house and cars to go camping fulltime only to find out that fulltime camping was not for them. So then they are having to re-build their lives with a house, vehicles and belongings again. Others that we know have done this and love the fulltime camping lifestyle. My wife and I talk about this but do not feel as though we could give up our "home-base".
    My suggestion for anybody that thinks they want to fulltime is to try going out for a month or two or three at a time before selling off everything. Kind of a try before you commit. It obviously will cost a bit more to maintain a home and be on the road for such a length of time but if things turn out that part timing doesn't work for you then you have your home to return to.
    I terms of cost for a fulltiming rig. Well that a hard one for anybody. I personally would put a fair amount of money towards my new home on wheels because I want a good quality, dependable unit.

    Hope this helps a little,
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    scarlett6 ...

    I am not an experienced fulltime RVer but I wanted to respond with my situation/point of view to your questions. I love to camp/travel etc... and have family up north and down south. I am not retired yet, but decided to sell my home and property to my son. I, in turn, have purchased a Grand Canyon (pick it up next week ) and will be living in it fulltime, on the back acre of property that I have lived on for the past 10 years. Now, if I want to, I can hook up and stay at varios lakes, etc...or travel to see my family, with my home. I may find another piece of property, build ... who knows. I am excited about the idea of simplifying my lifestyle without compromising on the necessities and the luxury I feel I will have with my fifth wheel choice. I can still enjoy all the things that my former property supplied and be close to my son without interfering in his life. I also just found out that he is going to have my 3rd grandchild and I'm excited about being close by to spend time with them! My other son and grandchildren live in SW Florida and I don't get to see them much yet.

    My situation was a "win" "win" for both of us ... still on the property, have my own space, didn't have to move anything and he is benefiting from the home being furnished and who better to give a great start in life to than your children!

    That's my story .... good luck in your decision! I feel great about mine!

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    For what it's worth, if Nancy and I were to consider fulltiming, even if only for a few years, we'd keep a home base albeit simplified. But there are many, many others who have no alternate home base of their own. Having the ability to park the rig on the land of your kids, other relatives and friends would be nice too.

    Best of luck to you. And also chck out the full-timing forums over at, 5thwheelforums and Escapees.

    Hey John (jpmorgan), perhaps you can share your plan.

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    An old fellow told me to never sell home. They had and had traveled for 25 years and all they have was an old trailer and an old truck with nowhere to go in thier last years. They did not feel that they could carry on moving.
    Once out of the market it would be very hard to get back in, in like mod that you are in already.
    Our friends who have fulltimed for the last 27 years are now trying to find somewhere to settle down in and are having trouble finds something they can afford now
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    I see you are located in Texas. One of the largest RV clubs is based in Teaxs. Have you heard of Escapee's? They offer Mail forwarding as well as a bunch of other services. My wife and I are members, and there are close to 80,000 members nationwide.

    Escapees caters to full timers, and owns and operates reduced rate parks all over the country, as well as a CARE center for rv'ers that can't travel anymore due to health problems. They also have a forum that I have found to have a huge amount of info about full timing.

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    Hi Cathie;
    I retired in 1999 and my wife and I took our fifth wheel and travelled the US for five months and 14000 miles, during which time we bought a beautiful lakefront property in Minnesota. We built our home there and continued to do some short term travelling. Three years ago we started talking about fulltiming. We went for three month, came home, left again for four months, came home, left for eight months, came home. Well, to make a long story short, we sold our home and just about everything else last Saturday and are hitting the road. We have a six months contract with the COE for the winter at Cedar Ridge Park on Belton Lake in Temple. I invite you to come down and meet us and we will give you as much information as you want. We have met so many full timers that have been doing it for 5, 7, 10 or more years and never looked back. We have met several that for health reasons have had to stop and say, no regrets. And met some that couldn't do it. My suggestion is to try it for a few months-don't rent out your home so that you do have a place to come back to. You will know after a few extended trips if it is for you. For us, it's less expensive to live on the road than it is at home. PM me if you have any other questions.
    Good luck in whatever you decide
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    We are Full-timers now..........

    Jim and I closed on our home this past Friday and are now "official" full-timers in our Grand Canyon. We are staying around the Wisconsin Dells area till we start heading south towards TX for the winter.

    We spent 5 weeks end of June thru July in Custer SD and had a WONDERFUL time.

    We are now on our way to Elkhart IN to have some warranty work done. We love our Grand Canyon.

    See you down the road...........
    Jim, Wilma and Ebbie (our black lab)

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    Thank you

    for all of your kind replies. Sorry, I had a little difficulty finding my original post, so I could respond. I know there must be some way to do this, but so far, have not figured this out.

    We have not had the opportunity to look at many 5th wheels yet, but I think there is an RV show in Dallas soon, so perhaps we will be able to see a bigger variety of models. So far, we really liked the NuWa, and especially the one with the island kitchen (2004). We missed getting a barely used one from a consignment place at a really good price. Actually, I am not sure we have enough information yet on what to consider buying one of these.

    As for fulltiming, we still are trying to soak up information on that. Would some of you consider posting information that makes full timing different than your time spent vacationing? Is there a lot of extra work that makes this difficult? I can see why it would be good to have a home base, but am not sure we can manage costwise with both, although our home will be paid for in 7 months. Any information would be most appreciated.

    Maybe the best thing to do is as suggested-take a trial run. I suppose you have to buy one in order to do this. One of our neighbors, an avid fifth wheeler, said that we should probably buy a used one for our first unit, then see if we like it, and go from there. We were not too sure about buying a used Dodge 1 ton truck, because there was not really a way to tell what it had been used for. Perhaps new is better in this case.

    Again, thank you. I hope I can find this topic a little easier next time, so I can reply sooner.

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    Sorry, I had a little difficulty finding my original post, so I could respond. I know there must be some way to do this, but so far, have not figured this out.
    If you click on your user name in any of your posts, you get a drop down menu then you click on "find all posts by...". That will open a page with links to every post you have made.
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