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Thread: Access to rear of flat panel TV?

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    Access to rear of flat panel TV?

    Our JVC DVD player is not working. I want to put a regular DVD player in but can not get access to the back of the TV to plug the cables in. Can someone guide me on how to access the back of the TV? I suppose if I pull hard enough I will get there... but probably not advised.
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    Re: Access to rear of flat panel TV?

    It can be very difficult. I actually did remove mine once to make some connections. If you do remove it, I advise you to get someone to help you. I nearly dropped mine. If like mine there are six screws in the back. I don't know why the bracket that holds it wasn't designed with a cutout over the plug access. Once you get it hooked up though, you probably won't have to change it for a long time.

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