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Thread: Zaxis Landing Gear Remote Control

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    Zaxis Landing Gear Remote Control

    Haven't seen any threads on this subject so thought I would tell you about my latest addition. Was aware of this product from another forum but thought it a bit pricey - does the word "cheap" ring a bell?
    Anyway I found the position of the landing gear switch on our new Bighorn 3055RL not to my liking - actually I had trouble kneeling down and making sure I didn't over retract the gear - always afraid of stripping the gears.
    Took about a half an hour to install and works like a charm. No more up and downs when setting up or knocking down - in fact I now can get the pin box at the correct height on the first try. Heres the link if you are interesred -

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    That looks great, I know what I am asking Santa for! Was it difficult to hook up?
    Steve Denise Kristin and Jeff
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    Was pretty easy. I mounted the receiver on the back wall of the front compartment right above the terminal block. There was enough slack in the power feed lines going to the existing rocker switch so I could cut them, crimp on terminals and screw them to the Zaxis terminal block without adding any more wire. Used about 4' of #10 wire to connect receiver to landing gear motor - had to replace existing wire nuts with larger ones. The original circuit was't fused so added a 30amp in-line fuse to protect the Zaxis.
    Thats all there is to it. Hardest part was having to bend over so long.
    If you like I can try to post a picture - when it warms up a little more around here.


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    Please do post some pictures when you can. I would like to see the install.

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    Howdy, that looks like the hot ticket. I was investigating some kind of limit switch so that you don't have to hold the rocker during the entire process of dropping the hook so to speak. Do you have to hold the remote button continuously? The rvupgrades link does not say. Good find Mel................
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    Sorry its taken me so long to respond. This is my first try at posting pictures so not sure how successful I'll be.

    trdeal - hope the pictures are understandable. I tried to mount the box far enough to the right so it wouldn't interfere with anything I might want carry on that back wall in the future.

    Uncle Rog - Yes you do have to hold the button(s) on the remote down to raise or lower the gear. In fact after 25 to 30 seconds it will shut off and you have to press the button again. Instruction book says its a safety feature in case transmitter is accidentally triggered (if you had it in your pocket and sat on it) so it will not run continuously. Hope this answers your questions.

    Hank (aka Mel)
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    Does the system work in parallel with the switch. In other words, will the switch still work if my wife (certainly not me) loses the remote. Does the system have an emergecy switch to run without the remote.?
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    Parallel operation

    According to the web site the original switch still works with the remote installed. Looks like a worthwhile addition. I know it's on my wish list!

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    tdharley - Eduardo37 is correct. The instruction book states "The OEM landing gear rocker switches will continue to function normally after the Zaxis receiver is installed. However, when the Zaxis receiver is operating the landing gear it will temporarily disable the OEM rocker switch to avoid possible conflicts." If your wife loses the remote you would utilize the original switch.
    They also recommend turning the receiver off when dry camping and while traveling.

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    Landing Jacks Corded Remote Control

    Here is a $45.00 project for the landing jacks corded remote control. The hand held remote control will extend to the truck cab to operate the landing jacks during hookup or unhook. The cord is detachable at the hitch pin for storage. The original landing jacks switch will continue to operate when wired into the new control system. The main control box consists of 2 12 volt 30/40 amp SPDT automotive relays with connector pigtails. The project took about 4 hours to shop for parts, build, and install.

    The hand held remote control can easily be plugged into the slide motor control solenoid by adding an extension cord female pigtail end, duplicating the wiring connections on the manual switch next to the motor. (Only for those of us with RVs with a single control for all slides).

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