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Thread: Passport America

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    Passport America

    Anyone here use Passport America? I just joined for a year for $44. It sounds like a good deal and you can get your cost paid back with a small amount of nights camped. It seems that each park has different restrictions though.

    What is the consensus here? Is it a good deal? OR did I just waste my $44?


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    I have been using it for 4 years and very happy with it. Have only one time ended up in a campground that was not up to par.
    When we travel we look for passport first then get the big book out if we can't find anything.
    I belong to camping world presidents club and passport cost a few bucks less....

    Jim and Ruby
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    We bought it last year and found it useful and a good savings. Along with our 1000 trails it works and makes camping more afordable
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    While traveling fulltime it was by FAR the best value out there. It far exceeded the other memberships we used which included ,Escapees, Good Sams, KOA. We paid for our Passport in less than 6 months before we went fulltime. Will diffenetly renew it again.
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    I think you have your answer already, but I'll add another plug. I just returned from a three-and-a-half week 7000 mile trip through the western U.S. and Canada. I used PA six of the nights for a total savings of $69.50. I use mine every October in Louisiana for six or seven nights and New Years for three days paying $9 a night for full hookups. (I would only rate the campground a 2-1/2 to 3 on a scale of 1 -5, five being best. For $9 a night and full hookups I can live without all the amenities). That said, I have been to several PA campgrounds that have all the amenities and stayed for half price.

    Is it worth it? You bet, if you use it.
    Ed Weidig, USAF Ret.
    Austin, TX
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    I joined but after doing so I found there are 2 Passport America clubs and I can't seem to find out if they are tied together or not or who is the real one. They both make the same claims and have pretty much got the same campgrounds listed but they have different phone numbers and one is based in MS and the other in FL. They both claim to be the "original" and both have been established for the same amount of time according to their claims. The one we joined is out of FL and their web site is and the other one in MS is pretty close address' huh? Does anyone know of any difference in the two and are they equally good or is one dark and senister? (just kidding of course). Anyway let me know if you know of any difference.


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    I will be corrected if I am wrong but I think they are one in the same. PA moved to Florida after one of the major hurricanes (Katrina I think) devasted their facilities in Ms. They did have some differences in their looks and address but their commitment is the same, cheap camping. We have it and love it, pays for itself easily.
    [States stayed in while fulltiming

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pulltab View Post
    While traveling fulltime it was by FAR the best value out there. It far exceeded the other memberships we used which included ,Escapees, Good Sams, KOA. We paid for our Passport in less than 6 months before we went fulltime. Will diffenetly renew it again.
    Greetings, Pulltab --

    We plan to go fulltime in the next couple years, but we're doing a lot of the prep work now. I saw in your profile that you had a tankless water heater and it intrigued me. We've been kicking that idea around. Would you mind sharing what kind of set up you have and what your experience has been with it?

    Thank you!


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    I differ with most of the others.

    We are Snowbirds that signed up for PA last year & we won't renew. We found:
    1)many parks are in the catalog & when you show up the say that they are no longer members.
    2)too many restrictions.

    We have found that Good Sams discount suits our needs much better.


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    We have been PA members for 2 years and have had no problems. We always try to update our book when sent. Also, whenever possible we call ahead for reservations. Our experience with PA has been positive. We also belong to Western Horizons, ROD and AOR.

    Steve, Sharon
    2006 Bighorn 3500RL VIN 9632
    2005 Dodge RAM 3500DRW 4x2 w/3.73

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