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Thread: ATF: Cyclone - Broken screws, screws falling out all over

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    ATF: Cyclone - Broken screws, screws falling out all over

    We have had our 2018 Cyclone 4200 for 2 months now, just started traveling 1 month ago, we have noticed SO many broken off screws, and empty holes were screws have fallen out along the way. We have tightened many as we see them, but we can't keep up with the amount that snap, and pop out along the road. It's very concerning. Some large, some small screws. Some that look like they're going to snap at any moment. Interior and exterior. All the acrews on the wheel fenders have popped out, and the fender plastic is cracked so you can't even replace the screws. All the screws that have snapped, the remaining is stuck in the hole, preventing a new screw from going in.

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    Re: ATF: Cyclone - Broken screws, screws falling out all over

    Welcome to this time consuming frustrating club. We have the same issue. I have tightened all the exterior screws on our BC three time since we bought it last Oct. Right now I am doing it again but I am coating the threads with silicone adhesive in hopes they stay in. I am also doing that because about 1/4 of them already have rust on them from being loose and allowing water intrusion. We also have some that snapped right off. Rarely do I find a screw that is just tight and holding and the upper slide side rails are the worst. Ace Hardware has black plastic washers that I would recommend putting on those plastic fenders to help keep them from cracking. Good luck and if you have any good ideas on how to keep these screws from falling out please pass it on to the rest of us.

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    Re: ATF: Cyclone - Broken screws, screws falling out all over

    We had a similar issue, but all of the screw heads that popped off were mainly in the slide sides, so they were very structural. At first I thought maybe a bad batch of screws or something. But after showing the guys at the factory, they thought it was from over torquing them on install. I went and got some stainless screws and ran then in next to where the snapped off ones were, as there is no way your removing them. After a year or so they stopped popping off, I guess cause everything had settled from being bounced down the road.

    As for your plastic fenders...easy fix is to use some epoxy and fiberglass body material to re-enforce them. Think fixing a rusty car type repair. I fixed mine two years ago, and they are rock solid. Then on re-install dont over tighten the mounting screws.
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    Re: ATF: Cyclone - Broken screws, screws falling out all over

    My suggestion for missing or rusting screw replacement is to use stainless screws. If if it is a trim screw that is stripped out you can use a wood toothpick to shim the screw hole before reinstalling the screw. Using a silicone adhesive is also a good idea. With all the shaking and bouncing that occurs during towing, loose screws are normal.
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