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Thread: H.O.T.E.L.: Help for folks who need a hand on the road

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    Senior Member davebennington's Avatar
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    I expected some response to my post but not to the extent that has occurred to date, What a great bunch of people.
    I am ready to be a provider for the following, no special order.

    Coffee always,
    Truck repair (in depth Dodge) everything else we can do together
    Complete shop heated and cooled with tools and air to change tires,
    Parts locater,
    Local campground finder,
    Towing of trailer if necessary,
    A place to park with 50/30 amp hookup (after some shuffling).
    and finally after your mind is at ease and you are convinced that everything is going to be ok dinner, a beer or stiff drink.
    There even is an apartment to stay in if the trailer is not functioning.

    I know that Jim is working on a system so that we can put this in place and be able to help the folks on the road.


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    Excellent idea. We would be willing to participate.

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    BMW motorcycle owners have a similar tool available to members of the BMW Motorcycle Owners Group. They publish an annual book. There's is 4x6 inches and about a half inch thick. All the members are listed with a phone number and geographic location. It might say something like 20 miles south of Grand Rapids Mi. It is listed by city of residence. Then each member has a list of alpha letters that identifies what they can provide. Some examples are: C for tent space. B for spare bedroom, K for coffee and conversation, T- tools available and so on. I was a member and listee for 10 years and got only one emergency phone call. It works for them and could also work for this group if enough members will sign up. I suspect that group had 5 - 7,000 members in the US and Canada. No Names are listed and no email addresses. Just a city and phone number with the codes.

    Good luck.

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    Heartland: Director of Owners Interests jbeletti's Avatar
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    After reviewing a few other programs, the track I am on now in terms of data listed will be similar to what you state BMW-MOG does. No name, no email addresses.

    State, City, Phone, Services

    This will keep personal information released in the public to a minimum (phone number without name), yet, keep the list effective.

    Jim Beletti
    Director of Owner Interests
    Heartland RVs

    Index of my Sundance 262 RB Modifications

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    Check out our Owner-written User Guides and Troubleshooting Guides

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    sounds interresting

    I work at least 60 hours a week, but would that be okay.??
    to add to list or is there any thing that would require a person to be available.

    What about if your on the road ??
    used cell numbers or only home city numbers??
    Northtrail 31QBS #0648
    Calgary, alta, Canada
    2000 silverado ext cab.
    Irvin Fike

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    Sound good to me, count us in.

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    Founding VA Chap Ldr (Ret) boatto5er's Avatar
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    I would be happy to help out in the Northern Virginia area.

    • Trailor towing (limited, have a 3/4 ton, short bed TV)
    • Rides to get parts,etc

    Gus and Debra Funderburg (Founding Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina Chapter Leaders - Retired)
    Romeo and Juliet (the mischievous Dachshunds)
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    HOC #1054
    2019 Ford F-350 DRW Crew Cab, 6.7L PowerStroke

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    Sounds like a good idea. Would be glad to patricipate.
    Michael & Daphna Fiehler
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    states camped in
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    2013 Missouri Rally

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    We are full-time now which limits what we could do, though we do have a truck, the tools we carry, some know-how, all of which could be handy from time to time. I'd have to think a bit about being called for help... we are working on the road and my hours can be wacky (I do global remote technical support). However, an e-mail would always be OK. Or, a forum area where people post their needs and the members cooperate to help out.

    If we could help we would, but as with most here I'm sure there are times we might not be able. It's a great idea though - I'll try to remember to watch this thread.
    Dave Lindemulder
    2001 Volvo 660 2004 Dodge 2500 CTD
    2009 Heartland Cyclone 3210

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    USA - WV

    Be Glad to help... Count us in
    Mike & Jeannie
    U S Marine Corps Ret
    2008 Silverado 2500 HD Duramax
    2009 Big Country 3355RL

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