I have an idea for people who are on the road and need assistance of some kind. This would be only for Heartland owners.

If we could create a list that includes your name, state, and phone number, as well as what type of help you can provide example: directions, fuel, parts, tools, a place to stay, or just for a cup of coffee, also how far you are willing to travel to provide this help. The rules could be simple as the caller who needs help would have to identify them self as a Heartland owner by providing vin number or some other means that we can work out. How many people would be interested in signing up to provide assistance to fellow Heartland owners? This idea comes from the Turbo Diesel Register web site that I also belong to. Every year they update the list adding and deleting names so if you sign up it would be for a year.

Below is some basic rules I suggest to follow.

To the Caller: While the services offered are first and foremost for
emergency situations, there may be the times when you simply need
advice or a break from traveling. Please state whether an emergency
exists or not. And while socializing with other Heartland members can be
a legitimate reason for calling a number in the Heartland Travel Companion
book, it is the callerís responsibility to be sensitive to, and aware of,
the individual limits to that socializing, as presented by the host.

To the Volunteer Host: We suggest that you ask the caller for their
Heartland member number and determine the need. Extending your
services and/or hospitality is at your discretion. It is not possible
for the Heartland Owners Help Line to control the use of the system or to
be responsible for that use. We can only urge that members not
abuse the system in any way.

Thanks for listening to my idea.