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Thread: Landmark Concord & Big Country 3806 Models

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    Landmark Concord & Big Country 3806 Models

    My wife and I have noticed that both the Landmark Concord and the Big Country 3806RKD have similar floor plans (Rear Kitchen, Mid-living room). If anybody has one of these, can they please comment on them? Years ago I remember someone telling me that rear-kitchen models were terrible because the back of the RV is where the most bounce occurs while driving. Other comments regarding usability, comfort? Thanks.

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    Re: Landmark Concord & Big Country 3806 Models

    From what I have been told by someone who had one, everything on the cabinets were like riding in the back of the long bus. So plan accordingly. They went to paper and plastic with dish towels between the pans. Things bounce so it is a learning curve. Other than planing for the movement, it is a nice rig.
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    Re: Landmark Concord & Big Country 3806 Models

    Our first rig was a Big Country 3690SL, which was a rear kitchen model. We actually had glass plates in the upper cabinets without anything between them. They were all still intact when we traded the rig after 2 1/2 years of full-time use. I imagine the rear does bounce a bit, but I would think it would be more of a wide swing oscillation compared to the middle of the rig over the axles (where our kitchen is now) which probably has more sudden and shorter up and down motions.
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