Our Homeminder temperature monitor decided to stop working, so I decided to try the RV Whisper Monitor I had read about. The set I purchased came with 3 temperature sensors and a power sensor along with the monitor, and so far I love it! I have one sensor for the internal RV temperature, one for outside temperature, and the 3rd is monitoring the refrigerator. The power sensor is connected to the batteries to detect if shore power is lost. It was very easy to set up and the smartphone app makes checking the status simple. Alerts are sent to email, a text message or both. The alert monitoring via the internet is included for 1 year, then costs 42 dollars a year which is worth it for checking the temperature for the dogs. And as an added bonus, the RV Whisper also accepts input from the Mopeka propane tank sensors we already had so I can easily check the propane levels too! These screenshots are from the app.