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Thread: Summer storage in humid Alabama under cover

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    Summer storage in humid Alabama under cover

    Read the ideas on summer storage in SC. We are new owners....but had a boat in various storage situations.

    Here is what we are thinking of doing.

    We will be under cover, out of the sun, but not in an enclosed building. Our idea is to close the trailer. Use the same big humidifier we used in the boat. (We will have 30AMP availability). It will be on the kitchen sink and drop out of the trailer to the gravel floor. (Assume we can do this by leaving the grey plug open?) Leave the AC on about 85 or so. Do all the other ideas on closets, refrig, alarms, etc.

    Does this sound like a an OK plan?



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    Re: Summer storage in humid Alabama under cover

    Sounds like a plan. I did put a dehumidifier in ours for several months to keep the humidity down. It drained into the shower stall. Ours was stored here on our property and I monitored it a lot. The dehumidifier puts out a lot of heat on its own. I am not sure I would trust it to be ok, with out someone checking on it occasionally.

    There is quite a bit could go wrong if not watched, but hey who knows.
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