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Thread: Heat strip or heat pump for bedroom ac

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    Heat strip or heat pump for bedroom ac

    Could someone explain the pros and cons of heat strip or pump for bedroom non ducted ac we are buying for this summers trip? And which one you would personally buy in our situation?

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    Heat Strip

    We have had the heat strip and I installed it in about 20 minutes it was just plug and play. Very simple to install. However I would recomend a small ceramic type heater, will work just as well if not better. We actually used the fireplace to warm up the cool mornings. That was my job to build a fire each morning. As for a heat pump we have had those on the 5th wheel. Good Luck with your choice.

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    We wanted a unit in the BR to cool on hot summers at the beach. Since the Heat Pump is ducted throughout the unit, putting in an A/C unit in the BR was all we needed it's 13,500 BTU vs. the 15,000 BTU on the HP. The dealer suggested installing the heat strip for colder weather as a supplemental heat source since we were already putting the A/C unit in the BR. So, it was an inexpensive addition, and when hooked up to shore power at a park, it eliminates consuming propane. I agree with Delaine & Lindy that a small ceramic heater would work just as well; however, given the lack of floor & counter space in the BR, I like the out-of-the-way location provided by the ceiling A/C unit.

    Also, if you're installing the BR A/C unit, I would highly recommend a thermostat control unit. I had one installed on the radius wall of our Landmark after first trip with the BR unit installed. The controls would shut off the cooling, but left the fan running constantly - I couldn't sleep well with it on full-time.

    Good luck!


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    Recently I saw posted on the forum, a nice comparison. I'll try to relate what I remember and my experience:


    • AC unit must be ordered with the heat-pump feature as it cannot be added later
    • More expensive option
    • Works to provide heat down to about 32 to 40 degree outside temperatures


    • In most cases, the heat-strip can be added to most AC units
    • Less expensive option
    • Can provide heat at any outside temperature

    I know there are other differences but I need help from others on that

    I have had both in 2 different RVs and I really like my heat-pump. To do over, I think I will only get the main AC (the ducted one) with the heat-pump as I have never used the bedroom AC in heat-pump mode.

    That all said, heat-pumps are not on the option list for Heartland products. However, on special request during time of order, we are often able to get them.

    I believe the heat-strip option can be dealer and in some cases, user installed.


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    The heat pump is more efficient than the heat strips. But if you are not paying for the electric I would go with the heat strips because they are simpler and less expensive. Electric heat is wonderful except for the electric bill. Also a heat pump will probably not last as long. Remember with the heat pump you will be using much more throughout the year.
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    Heat strips = NOISE. A standard ac plus a heat cube for me!
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    Both of ours are heat pumps, and as Jim B said they work down to the mid-thirties. Below that the furnace cuts in. We do like the heat pumps, but if we did use it a lot in colder temps the heat strips would probably be a better choice. In FL it was sufficient, but not in NC.

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